Small business owners have an increasingly large spectrum of options when it comes time to take out a loan. However, smaller, community-based banks tend to be among the best for a range of reasons, including the fact that they are more focused on entrepreneurial finance than their larger counterparts.

As of December 2015, the Independent Community Bankers of America estimated that local financial institutions held about $2.6 trillion in outstanding loans to small businesses, farmers and consumers. The organization argued that smaller, local banks tend to be far better for their environments, as the money flows into and out of the businesses and households around them, compared to larger financial institutions that disburse funds over state lines. 

Additionally, the ICBA noted that entrepreneurs tend to enjoy a smoother, more specialized and faster experience when applying for loans through these lenders because they are better-suited to small business needs than massive financial institutions. 

Entrepreneurs face many opportunities this year and, with loan rates hanging around historic lows, now is the time to get financed for revenue-driving projects. Ocean Capital is one such local bank that focuses its efforts on supporting the small business sector.