Entrepreneurs are facing a relatively strong economy going into the new year, and many are likely trying to expand a bit and boost their revenues and profit margins. Growth strategies are key to working toward expansion, and all small business owners should consider implementing such a plan before January. 

Entrepreneur magazine recently listed some of the winning elements of a small business growth strategy, affirming that the first step is to always identify some area of the market that has not been touched by the competition and focus on that segment. According to the news provider, business owners will also want to try to achieve small wins that come with high rewards and very low risk, then try to build off of those victories. This will help to ensure a comfortable and successful expansion in the new year. 

When looking to grow your business, you might need to take out a loan to achieve your goals. Always consider working with a community bank to decide on the best possible loan program in accordance with your unique needs. The U.S. Small Business Administration offers certain loan programs specifically meant for growth.