Small business owners need to take certain steps to better position themselves for approval when applying for a commercial loan. Thanks to various improvements to the economy in the United States, activity is high in the commercial lending arena, and leveraging a more strategic approach to applications can help ensure approval on not only a loan, but access to the best program possible. 

Forbes contributor Mary Ellen Blery recently pointed out that the vast majority of entrepreneurs are hopeful that their companies will expand this year, and that those who run businesses with $5 million or less in revenue appeared to be the most confident. She then suggested applying with smaller banks rather than online lenders, always bringing all of the necessary financial records and having the right down payment on hand when doing so. 

Interestingly, the author also pointed out that cashflow tends to be more important than revenue, and that transparency is critical in tax returns to have the best shot at approval. 

By leveraging the support of a smaller, local bank, entrepreneurs can get the care and specialized guidance necessary to select and attain the optimal loan program with respect to their specific business needs.